Welcome to DancingCat Studios!

Welcome to the launch of our new site. Come on in. Have a look around. Tell us what you think. And please pardon the cat hair all over the furniture–we are still sorting out where everything goes. If you are viewing this site with Internet Explorer, it may not be behaving very well. We’re are working to fix that as soon as we can.

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6 Responses to “Welcome to DancingCat Studios!”

  1. Churchie says:

    Don’t worry about the cat hair. My mother always said “No outfit is complete without a little cat hair”.

  2. Larry Brown says:

    I just discovered this podiobook at podiobooks.com and enjoy it very much. Thank you for sharing this novel.

  3. martha says:

    Thank you, Churchie, for the vote of confidence. I only worry about the cat hair when you can’t tell what color the upholstery is underneath it. I hope that I’ve managed to vacuum up the worst bits by now, though!

  4. martha says:

    Hey, Larry! Glad you are enjoying the podiobook. Paul and I are looking forward to birding with you again, but it doesn’t look good for this year. We have too many calls on our time this year.

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