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Stop the presses! Serve It Cold Special Editions

The original cover for the book was taken from one of Ronnie’s photos. But we had the great good fortune to have two other beautiful pieces of art contributed by Georgia Godwin and Laura Mann. Georgia Godwin’s cover plays with the image of the Altoids box that features in the novel and Laura Mann’s cover […]

Serve It Cold – Episode 5

Jonny heads to New Orleans to start his divorce case and find Narlene. Jonny checks Sonny’s past with Steve at Margaritaville. He finds Narlene and takes her back to Margaritaville for lunch.

Ronnie on Lulu Radio

Have a listen to Ronnie’s interview on Lulu Radio Episode 31 with Jason Adams. Ronnie and Jason discuss jumping into Creative Commons publishing with both feet, the process of publishing both through a conventional press and through Lulu, and how the podiobook came to be. Lulu Radio is funny and informative and we hope you […]

Serve It Cold – Episode 4

Goat introduces Jonny to his club manager, Sonny Richard, who was beaten up the night before. Sonny tells Jonny how Narlene got the marijuana in the first place. Jonny gets evidence in the divorce case.

Serve It Cold – Episode 3

Jonny starts working his divorce case beginning with a little surveillance on all three of the Granthams: Landis, Latimer, and Lilian. Go Joe Jackson takes over the routine investigations for Speed Investigations.

Serve It Cold – Episode 2

Jonny finds evidence in the parking lot and heads into the woods. After an incident in the woods Jonny visits Goat at The Rocking the Cradle Bar which he has bought and is refurbishing. Jonny gets a divorce case in New Orleans.