Stop the presses! Serve It Cold Special Editions

The original cover for the book was taken from one of Ronnie’s photos. But we had the great good fortune to have two other beautiful pieces of art contributed by Georgia Godwin and Laura Mann. Georgia Godwin’s cover plays with the image of the Altoids box that features in the novel and Laura Mann’s cover really sets the mood for a murder mystery in small town Mississippi.

To honor Georgia and Laura’s work, we asked Ronnie if he would create special editions of Serve It Cold to showcase their art, and he went us, not one, but two better. Available now from Lulu are two collector’s editions of the novel. Each with a little something extra to make it even sweeter. Choose your favorite or get them both!

Serve It Cold (Georgia Godwin cover art) includes the Jonny C short story, Crossing. $12.95

Serve It Cold (Laura Mann cover art) includes the Jonny C short story, Silver Hull. $12.95

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