Serve It Cold – Episode 7

On the way to the apartment, Jonny and Narlene find Jerry’s car parked illegally in the French Quarter and ask Tommy to keep an eye on it. They settle in to the third floor apartment and discreetly watch the goings on out on the street. Jerry shows up–dressed oddly–but can’t get in the car that has a hot date with a tow truck.

Starring Eric Rowe and Beth Wojiski
Guest Voices: This week is the Eric and Beth show.
Julia Holloway tells Aunt Helen all about the odd couple at table 3.

Theme song: “Where is the Love?” by Michelle Malone

The awesome sample of National Guitars in this episode is courtesy of Lenny Gerthoffer,

Standing in for our street band are The Hipnotics. The Hipnotics music is available from both the Podsafe Music Network and their own site. Street songs: “Big Mary’s”, “I Feel It Too”, and “Planning an Accident.” Featured after the credits “Big Mary’s”.

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