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Serve It Cold – Episode 14

Jonny C and Narlene head back to Catherine. They stop to do a little bird watching to throw off anyone tailing them and Jonny C tells Narlene the story of the “Battle of Lake Catherine”.

Hear Ronnie on Writers Talking

Click on the link to hear Ronnie on Writers Talking, hosted by Matthew Wayne Selznick. For an extra treat, Tee Morris, another Lulu author and Podiobooks veteran joins him on the show. Thanks for listening!

Serve It Cold – Episode 13

Lunch at Mother’s with the Tommys and Narlene is interrupted by unsettling news from Catherine. What’s a hardworking private detective to do? Why, have desert and fine wine at the Napoleon House and rally the troops!

Serve It Cold – Episode 12

Jonny drops by the Tommy’s to check in with Narlene and change his disguise before trailing the “happy couple” through the French Quarter. He still can’t shake the nagging feeling that Lily Banks and Lattimer Grantham are making getting evidence for the divorce case just too damn easy!

Serve It Cold – Episode 11

Surveillance on “The Granthams” goes like clockwork. But something about it just doesn’t seem to be quite right. Jonny discovers another friend of Big John Turner.