The Music

Theme for Serve It Cold – “Where Is the Love?” off the Sugarfoot album by Michelle Malone

Featured at the end of Episode 6 – “Rooster 44” also off the Sugarfoot album by Michelle Malone

The awesome sample of National Guitars in Episode 7 is courtesy of Lenny Gerthoffer,

Standing in for the street band in Episode 7 are The Hipnotics. We feature “Big Mary’s” at the end of this episode. You can find The Hipnotics’ music yourself at the Podsafe Music Network. Or look for it on the band’s site.

The Hipnotics return to the streets of the French Quarter. We feature “Death Letter Blues” at the end of Episode 8.

Y’all should’ve been at Jammin’ Java on July 11, 2007, ’cause that’s where Michelle Malone was, and, my, oh, my, can she sing! At the end of Episode 9, by permission, we feature Michelle’s stunning acoustic version of “Where Is the Love?” performed live. Best of luck with the Grammies, Michelle!

In honor of Jonny C’s new look for episode 12, we featured “Black Motorcycle Boots” off the Sugarfoot album by Michelle Malone. It’ll knock your socks off!

Tendered as a kind of apology for our rough publication schedule in August and September 2007, we include “Winter Muscadine” by Michelle Malone from the Sugarfoot album at the end of episode 16.

If you have the munchies at the end of episode 20, we hope that Michelle’s recipe for “Soul Chicken” satisfies your cravings. Michelle’s Sugarfoot album just keeps getting better and better!

Possum Holler checks us in to “Heartbreak Hotel” at the end of episode 21. Possum Holler is based out of Berkeley Springs, WV. They are currently on tour promoting their latest album, Substantially Blue. Check for tour dates at their website. Substantially Blue has been honored as one of the best independent CDs of the year by and is available online at

“Miss Miss’ippi” and “Beyond the Mountain” by Michelle Malone stand in as the playlist for WWOZ in Episode 22. We reprise “Miss Miss’ippi” at the end of the episode.

Michelle Malone’s “Beyond the Mountain” off the Sugarfoot album rocks Jonny off to sleep at the end of Episode 23.

And there’s a lot of music again in Episode 25 to finish off the story. Babylon Bombs rocks The Cradle bar with “Hometown Hero” and “Jaded Heart”. The Turner Trust and Scholarship Fund board members dance the night away to “Love’s Way” by Michael Mucklow. You can find the music of Babylon Bombs and Michael Mucklow on the Podsafe Music Network.

And at long last we play the entire Serve It Cold theme song without any voice overs. We can’t thank Michelle Malone enough for lending us her incredible voice and talent.