Serve It Cold – Episode 16

Jonny and Narlene return to Catherine. Jonny calls everyone together to brainstorm what their next move should be.

Starring Eric Rowe and Beth Wojiski
Eric gives us a command performance as Jonny C, Go Joe Jackson, GG Castor, and Butch Ellis. Beth speaks up for Narlene Moore and Vera Hill.
With Rodger Johnson as Goat Johnson, Julia Holloway as Sister Cielee, and Paul Fischer as Sonny Richard and George.
The Command Line delivers an informal review of the events of the so-called “Battle of Lake Catherine” for some unknown bureaucrat.

Theme song: “Where is the Love?” by Michelle Malone

And tendered as a kind of apology for our rough publication schedule last month, we include “Winter Muscadine” by Michelle Malone from the Sugarfoot album.

Thank you for staying with us!

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