Serve It Cold – Episode 21

New Orleans can be a dangerous place: you can get your wallet stolen, your door kicked in, or your shoulder dislocated before most French Quarter residents even get out of bed. On the brighter side, you can get breakfast at Poppy’s around the clock.

Starring Eric Rowe and Beth Wojiski
With Paul Fischer as Sonny Richard and Mike Nguyen as Kevin at Poppy’s and Jerry Joachim. Phil Rossi and Beth Wojiski give voices to Yellowhead and BlueHair.
Paul Fischer as Sonny calls Goat to check in and update him on the investigation.

Theme song: “Where is the Love?” by Michelle Malone

The thoroughly awesome Possum Holler checks us into “Heartbreak Hotel” at the end of the episode. Tori Anderson’s stunning vocals breathe new life into the King’s classic. “Heartbreak Hotel” is off their critically acclaimed album Substantially Blue. Check it out at Y’all stick around, now. Y’ hear?

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