Serve It Cold – Episode 23

Back in Catherine, Jonny goes out to Burnt Bridge with Butch to have a look at the famous blue Stratus. They decide to look around the family farm in Covington County then head back home to Catherine. Will this day ever end?

Starring Eric Rowe and Beth Wojiski
The Whya Gallery gets a call about its latest art collection.

Theme song: “Where is the Love?” by Michelle Malone

Michelle Malone’s “Beyond the Mountain” rocks Jonny off to sleep at the end.

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2 Responses to “Serve It Cold – Episode 23”

  1. stlhd says:

    i am unable to open episode 23 of ‘serve it cold’ from your site.

    i am using winXP SP2 and was able to enjoy EP 1-19 via ITunes and EP 20-22 at

    i tried 3 different browsers and all of the listening options, inc download, and the file was not found.

    i have enjoyed the story so far and will jump over the dead-to-me episode but I wanted you to know of the issue that i have found in order that future visitors may have more complete enjoyment.

  2. pfischer says:

    Thank you so much for letting us know. We fixed the problem this morning. It looks like our hosting provider lost some files.