Serve It Cold – Episode 8

Jonny checks in with his clients Goat Johnson and Landis Grantham. Jonny and Narlene’s hopes are raised when a team of plain clothes detectives arrive clearly on the hunt for someone, but they soon realize the cops are after a pickpocket team working the crowd around the street band instead of Jerry and Ray. So it goes.

Starring Eric Rowe and Beth Wojiski
With Mike Nguyen as Tommy
Martha Holloway spreads the word about Jerry’s troubles

Theme song: “Where is the Love?” by Michelle Malone

Standing in for our street band again are The Hipnotics. You heard “Planning an Accident”, “Death Letter Blues”, “Blues Don’t Know”, and “Get Up!”. Don’t worry–we feature “Death Letter Blues” at the end of the episode. The Hipnotics music is available from both the Podsafe Music Network and their own site.

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